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Posted on 13 March, 2016 at 6:05

Your Kitchen cleaning action plan for fridges and Freezers

Written by 1st class domestics


Fridges and freezers require regular maintenance to keep them clean and in full working order. To help you keep on top of your kitchen, we've put together a comprehensive cleaning action plan

Regular checks

Get into the habit of checking the contents of the fridge and freezer regularly. If you don't, unpleasant things happen. Shelves become sticky with festering food and old spillages, and furry green moulds start appearing on long-forgotten items. At least once a week, check the date labels and throw out anything past its sell-by date. This is also a good time to wipe shelves and drawers, and mop up any spills.


To clean a fridge thoroughly

Turn the fridge off. Remove all the food and put perishable items in a cool place. Run shelves and drawers through the dishwasher, or clean in hot, soapy water. Pull out the fridge and wipe all interior and exterior surfaces to remove grease and marks, and dry with a soft cloth. Don't forget to clean inside the folds of the door seal - lots of crumbs and other debris collect there. While the fridge is away from the wall, vacuum up any dust that has settled on the condenser coil on the back - this helps it to work more efficiently. Place a bowl of bicarbonate of soda inside the fridge to absorb any unpleasant smells - this should be replaced every month.

Defrosting the freezer


Do this as soon as the ice inside reaches a thickness of around 3cm. Turn the freezer off and go through its contents. Throw away anything you are unlikely to use. It's a good idea to use a marker pen to label when the food went into the freezer and then throw the food after 1-3 months depending on its star rating. Be ruthless. Put the remaining items in a coolbox. Stand bowls of hot water on tea towels inside the freezer to hasten the defrosting process and change them as they cool. Don't be tempted to use anything sharp to scrape at the ice: you run the risk of damaging the cooling elements. While the ice is defrosting, clean all the shelves and drawers. When the ice has melted, mop up water with tea towels, then wipe the freezer dry and replace its contents. Don't forget to switch the freezer back on.


For a truly gleaming kitchen see our tips on green cleaning

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Your Kitchen cleaning action plan for fridges and FreezersWritten by 1st class domestics visit...

Posted by 1stclassdomestics". on Sunday, 13 March 2016


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